Para-Sports Activity Challenge

Para-Sports Activity Challenge

After the great success of GippSport’s Virtual Challenge in 2020, GippSport will be hosting a Para-Sports Activity Challenge between 24th August and 5th September.

We will be again encouraging People with a Disability to be active and try different Para-Sports.  

How will it work?
Step 1:  

Register for the Para-Sports Activity Challenge. You can do this in a number of ways:   

If you are able to register online you can fill in the quick registration form here

You can also contact either Brenton or Amelia to register over the phone, by email or by text. Their contact details are:   

Brenton Dinsdale | Email: | Phone: 0447358330   

Amelia Evison | Email:  | Phone: 0428358336  

If you attend a Disability Support Provider or Gippsland Specialist School we can send your staff/teachers some information so that they can assist you and record your activity for you whilst with them.  

Step 2:  

During the Paralympics (24th August and 5th September)  choose your own adventure for any amount of time. As long as you are getting active that is the main thing.

Some adventure ideas include:    

  • Practice Athletics (Track & Field) Skills
  • Sitting Volleyball: Practice Sitting Volleyball skills
  • Bike Riding    
  • Playing wheelchair basketball or wheelchair rugby at your school or service
  • Back yard games with your family    
  • A walk with a family member    

Step 3:  
If you would like to, you can share photos of your activity by uploading them to our GippSport Facebook page. We will have a thread on our page specifically for the Para-Sports Activity Challenge so you can share with everyone what you have been up to as part of the challenge.  

You do not need to share your photos, and you can contact either Brenton or Amelia to let them know what you have been up to e.g. Played basketball with my family for ten minutes. You can also get your teacher/staff to send through your activity with the resources we provide them.  


Just for registering and being involved you will receive a certificate of participation and medal. We will send these to your given postal address, Disability Service Provider or School.  Specialist Schools and Disability Service Providers have the chance to WIN a $200 sports voucher for your school or service!  

How to win:  

If you have 5 students or clients from your school or service register and record their physical activity, you are automatically into the draw. An excel spreadsheet has been attached to record their participation.