Q and A with AAA Play Ambassadors Andre & Monty


Two of the AAA Play Ambassadors recently attended Thanyapura Sports Camp in Thailand. Thanyapura is located on the island of Phuket where the sports and educational complex covers 23 hectares of space. This complex features the best facilities and coaching knowledge available in Asia. It incorporates a three dimension coaching model for the mind, body and soul. It has been created to help everyone reach their individual goals and live a rewarding and joyful life (Thanyapura Phuket 2014).


Q and A with Monty and Andre (AAA Play Ambassadors) about the Thanyapura Training Camp in Phuket:

Monty Cooper

Q. What did you like best about the sports camp?

A. “The training went really well… it was nice to train and share the experience with the local community and my friends from IST training.”

Q. What was your daily routine when you were training?


1. Wake up in the morning and swim in the hotel pool and complete a 1 hour session

2. Have breakfast with all of the athletes and our families

3. Indoor cycling session for 1 hour

4. Break for lunch with everyone

5. Complete a gym, boxing or running session

6. Enjoy dinner together and have free time

Q. What was the highlight of your time away from training?

A. “The highlight of my free time and day off was riding an elephant and going to the water park, and relaxing and sitting by the pool.”


Andre Ascui

Q. What was your highlight of the sports camp? 

A. The highlights were being able to participate in lots of different sports like Muay Thai boxing, Aero boxing, spin, swimming, running and pilates with my friends. I especially loved the swimming training every morning and all the great coaches we had.

Q. How did you fill your free time?

A. We filled in our free time relaxing by the pool, swimming, playing pool games and hanging out with the group, drinking smoothies and eating heaps of food. We also went to an adventure water park which was great fun. 

Q. What was the hardest part of the training?

A. The hardest part of the training for me was the running on the 500m running track in the heat and rain. The boot camp was also pretty tough. Overall I really loved the camp and would love to go again.