Take a tour at the Fairy and Royal Caves


Access to Caves

Both Fairy Cave and Royal Cave have many steps, narrow passageways and uneven ground making general cave access for visitors with significant mobility limitations not possible. However, the end section of Fairy Cave can be accessed by children and light adults with mobility limitations using an electric Stairclimber. This equipment enables visitors to experience one of the most spectacular viewing areas of Fairy Cave. The Stairclimber is provided by the Buchan Caves Reserve and can take passengers up to 60kgs in weight. To use the Stairclimber, visitors who use wheelchairs are required to transfer from their personal wheelchair into the Stairclimber. The Stairclimber is operated by an experienced cave guide who will take the visitor down into Fairy Cave.

To get better understanding of how the Buchan Caves Stairclimber works, interested visitors may wish to view a short video of the PS Outdoor Stairclimber made by the manufacturer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qt7RedcyAA

Booking a tour of Fairy Cave using the Stairclimber is by appointment only and bookings are required in advance. Cave tours using the Stairclimber are not available at peak visitor periods such as Easter weekend. For further information and to make a Stairclimber booking contact the Buchan Caves Reserve on (03) 8627 4700. Use of the Stairclimber is free but a cave tour fee still applies. 

Via: Parks Victoria