AAA Play used the festivities of International Day of People with Disabilities to launch the much needed online service - Find a Leisure Centre.

Our goal is to get as many Victorians with disabilities active. More than 18% of Victorians live with a disability, and in 2015 UK organisation Mencap reported that significant barriers for those wanting to stay active included difficulty both in accessing venues and sourcing information about those venue’s facilities for people with a disability. AAA Play is a searchable directory of more than 650 sport and recreation programs available to people with disabilities. 

Launched in 2013 as a Victorian Government initiative and proudly operated by Reclink Australia, AAA Play has since supported more than 72,000 users to access a range of activities within Metropolitan Melbourne, recently expanding to support all of Victoria. Despite the success of this service, we identified the gap for people with diabilities wanting to access non-structured recreation such as the gym, pool or sports stadium. Understanding the services offered at these venues, and the ease in which this information can be found, can be the difference between a persons choosing to go or not.

The value of joining a sport or recreation program or visiting their local leisure centre for a person with disabilities can offer more than physical activity. These activities facilitate a person to connect with other members of the community, feel part of their local community, as well as develop knowledge and skills that can be used in a range of contexts

If you're a person with a disability and want to keep active, locating a leisure centre that caters to your specific needs can be arduous and time consuming. This may require searching on the internet to identify what facilities exist in the local area or visiting the website of every leisure centre, and often it will still be necessary to phone up or visit the facility. We know that being able to access information easily in one central location increases the likelihood of a person with disabilities engaging with a sporting club or activity, so we've created a database of all the Victorian Leisure Centres so that accessibility can be easily identified in one central location.

Head to to find a leisure centre near you