The Relate program goes on hold

In late October came the announcement that the Merri Health Relate Human Relations Program will no longer continue to operate. Larissa and Mel from the program had this to say:

It is with sadness that we tell you that we have resigned from the Relate Human Relations Program. This has been a difficult decision as we have both loved working in this area and of course remain passionate about people with an intellectual disability and those on the spectrum receiving accurate puberty and sexuality education. Larissa has worked for Relate for 12 years and Melanie for nearly 6 and so it is difficult for us to leave.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, your young people and your organisations. It is the people that we have met on the way that have made the journey so much fun!
The Relate program is currently on hold, therefore if you do have any referrals or wish to enquire about the future of the Relate program please contact Merri Health on Ph: 1300 637 744.
Thanks for your support over many years.
Larissa and Mel


Thank you Larissa and Mel for all your hard work over the years!