Sporting Network of Autistic People and Parents

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Through their love of sports, SNAPP emerged as place where a sense of community could be nourished and a safe haven for both the child and the parent of ASD kids. SNAPP is a Not For Profit dedicated to developing and providing sporting opportunities and pathways for ASD kids. As a NFP, all funds are redistributed into furthering their programs, and the employment of young adults and teenagers of neuro diversity. No one knows an Autistic child better than a parent caring for an autistic child, so SNAPP programs are run with the assistance of parents of the participants. Their long term goal is for the older teenagers and young adults (living with neuro diversity) to become assistant coaches for the next generation of little SNAPPers.

SNAPP partner with leading heads of sports including Football Federation Australia, Gymnastics Victoria and Cricket Australia and align with existing local clubs to ensure the best programs delivered. This enables opportunities such as a half day coaching workshop provided by Football Victoria for volunteers to obtain a Miniroos Coach National Accreditation. The support within the network encourages parents to feel confident in roles such as coaching assistants and program supervisors, eventually building their skills to program co-ordinator roles. It's a model that allows for growth, self sufficiency and sustainability.

In less than 2 years, founder Allison Gately has grown SNAPP from it's first soccer program in the western suburbs, to coordinating five clubs, stretching from Williamstown to Wyndham Vale and Werribee to Geelong, and offering sports including cricket, soccer and gymnastics. Five programs are now available to participants of all ages, including a new soccer club in Bell Post Hill and Gymnastics in Werribee.

SNAPP is a non-competitive group, and has become a very successful bridging program where our participants go onto mainstream competitive sports. If you are interested in getting involved, a free trial is always welcomed and Allison is available for a chat about specifics on how sports is one of the best therapies you will ever have for your child. Each of the SNAPP programs are slightly different, so its best to have a chat to see which would be more suitable to your child.

For details on the individual programs on offer, refer to the following links:

SNAPP Soccer

Williamstown Soccer Club

Wyndham Vale Soccer Club

Geelong Rangers Soccer and Sports Club

SNAPP Gymnastics

Werribee Gymnastics Club

SNAPP Cricket

Williamstown Congs Cricket Club

If you would like to start a SNAPP program within your area – please call Allison to make it happen!