Providing Supported Employment to People With Special Needs

Waverley Social Enterprise

The feeling of independence attained through working is something many people take for granted. However, for people with special needs, many have to fight to feel that independence. At Waverley Social Enterprise, we’re proud to give people with special needs the opportunity to enjoy supported employment opportunities and participate in Social Enterprise in Melbourne so they too can enjoy the independence they deserve. Whether you’re looking for flexible packaging companies, catering or assembly services, contact one of our sites at Notting Hill or Hallam.

Established in November of 1984, Waverley Social Enterprise (Waverley Industries Ltd) has been at the forefront of providing structured and supportive employment opportunities for Melburnians with special needs across the three key areas of our business: catering, packaging and assembly.

We are a not-for-profit organisation with more than 330 people with special needs working at both our Notting Hill and Hallam sites. We’re proud to give adults with an intellectual disability the opportunity to discover and exert their independence in a supportive working environment.

We Offer a Range of Different Services to Suit Your Business

Waverley Social Enterprise places people with special needs in positions of employment across the assembly, packaging and catering industries. Our social enterprise catering has rapidly grown in popularity over recent years, and – through Social Enterprises Melbourne and on-the-job training – provides employees with opportunities to work in one of the most dynamic service industries.

Our hard-working team prepares and cooks all meals fresh daily, seven days a week, from our state-of-the-art catering facilities at Notting Hill. Come to us if you’re looking for one or more of the following:

Special order catering

Buffet and banquet

Cocktail function


And more

We provide catering services for a vast range of business, including local councils, government departments, community groups, schools and other not-for-profit organisations. If you’ve searched online for “catering companies near me” recently and have yet to experience one of the best catering agencies in Melbourne-wide, there’s no better time than now to try Waverley Catering.

Flexible Packaging Companies & Assembly Services

In addition to being one of the most sought after caterers in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs, Waverley Social Enterprise also operates as one of the city’s most flexible packaging companies. We provide packaging services for a vast range of applications, including marketing promotional kits, retail and gift packs, shrink wrapping, catering packaging, marketing support packaging and much more. We stake our reputation on providing superior quality packaging solutions of high value, with solutions customised to suit your needs and on time.

When it comes to our assembly services, we endeavour to provide a fast turnaround. Whether you require assembly of an item of flat-pack furniture, or assembly of mechanical or electrical machinery according to provided specifications, we can get the job done.

With the dawn of NDIS, to work at Waverley Social Enterprise, be sure to let your planner know you want Supported Employment.

 Did You Know?

Waverley Social Enterprise empowers 330+ adults with the ability to have meaningful employment.
Waverley Social Enterprise has 2 sites in Melbourne at Notting Hill and Hallam.

Waverley Social Enterprise now provides a Container Unpacking and Storage service at both of our sites. Please contact our Sales Team on 9544 7222 to find out more.

Waverley Social Enterprise has won for four consecutive years The Social Enterprise Business Award of the Year at the Casey Cardinia Business Awards.

Waverley Social Enterprise is a HACCP (Food Handling) accredited organisation.

Waverley Social Enterprise is an ISO 9001;2008 Australian Standards Quality Accredited Company.

Waverley Social Enterprise is also 5S Lean Manufacturing trained

Waverley Social Enterprise is also Nationally Accredited as an agency to provide Disability Support Services.