Special Olympics Australia New Coaching Resources

Gymnastics coach and athelete

Special Olympics Australia are excited to share with you their new coaching web page.

The page lists many resources and guides needed to help Coaches continually improve their knowledge, maintain best practice and keep up with developments and innovations in their sport to fully meet the needs of their athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Click here to visit the new coaching web page.

The foundation of their coaching resources is the newly developed Coach Development Framework. The Coach Development Framework aims to deliver a coaching system for people with an intellectual disability, which delivers the right type of coaching, by the right coach, in the right environment, at the right time. 

The Coach Development Framework is designed as a world-leading coaching system and will deliver key coaching benefits to participants in all Special Olympics Australia programs. The Framework has been developed nationally, will be delivered locally and demonstrates a significant shift in the way we recruit, train, support and retain our coaching community. 

An important part of the Coach Development Framework is the Participant Development Pathway. The newly formalised pathway shows the non-linear progression available for coaches within the Special Olympics community through the Explore Phase, the Participate Phase, and the Develop Phase.

You'll also see a reference to their Physical Literacy online course. This course is currently being developed and will soon be available as a unit inside, 'SOA Learn'

Throughout the course of 2021 we will be progressively implementing this framework and are here to provide the support required to be a coach within their community. They encourage every coach, to be the best coach they can be and know that their new suite of resources will assist.